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At Think Basis we understand that your success is our success. We share the same passion for your business and help it grow as you do. We know how to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

We deliver strategies and tactical direction that you can actually use. Anyone can sit back and tell you what to do when their butt isn’t on the line. It takes experts to generate real, paying clients.

Nick Dumitru

Nick Dumitru

Nick Dumitru has been singularly focused on helping business owners quickly achieve exponential growth in a wide variety of industries.

Nick is the President and Founder of Think Basis Inc. Nick has a unique ability to see gaps, spot opportunities, uncover hidden profits and develop strategic campaigns with concrete results which are scalable and measurable.

He’s committed to offering at least one bold new idea at every client meeting that consistently makes them more money through his noted marketing consulting services. Nick has been featured as an expert in Inc. Magazine, The Globe & Mail, IT World Canada and CBC Radio Canada.

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Alissa Dumitru

Alissa Dumitru has always had an affinity for the written word. Her anthropological degree has given her the ability to critically analyze a market segment and accurately target a tone and voice to effectively influence and persuade. That same understanding gives her the ability to connect online in a way which drives meaningful engagement through social media channels. Her Facebook campaigns and off-site internet promotions drive real leads in a medium often permeated by meaningless chatter and ineffectual self promotion.

Alissa excels at creating effective communication for any project in any industry, but has spent most of her career at the front-lines of the cosmetic surgery and health field, specializing in plastic surgery and dermatology. She’s written press releases, snappy ad copy and full 1000+ page websites. Seasoned in a variety of social media platforms, her flexibility and versatility enable her to direct the management of your online profiles with flair, personifying the client’s brand and reputation.

Alissa frequently ghostwrites articles on behalf of leading doctors and medispa owners because, after all, it’s not herself she’s trying to promote.


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