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At Think Basis we understand that your success is our success. We share the same passion for your business and help it grow as you do. We know how to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

We deliver strategies and tactical direction that you can actually use. Anyone can sit back and tell you what to do when their butt isn’t on the line. It takes experts to generate real, paying clients.

Nick Dumitru

Nick Dumitru
Founder and CEO

Nick Dumitru has been singularly focused on helping business owners quickly achieve exponential growth in a wide variety of industries.

Nick is the CEO and Founder of Think Basis Inc. Nick has a unique ability to see gaps, spot opportunities, uncover hidden profits and develop strategic campaigns with concrete results which are scalable and measurable.

He’s committed to offering at least one bold new idea at every client meeting that consistently makes them more money through his noted marketing consulting services. Nick has been featured as an expert in Inc. Magazine, The Globe & Mail, IT World Canada and CBC Radio Canada.

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Matt Harmon

Matt has been supplying digital marketing expertise to companies for over 12 years. He has a relentless pursuit of seeking out changes in the marketplace so that is clients are on the cutting edge of trends. His specialty lies with generating floods of targeted traffic to companies and their unique offers. Whether it’s Facebook, Google, Youtube or something brand new, Matt has excelled at generating buyer traffic that always turns into motivated buyers.

Along with being a traffic expert, he has consults with each client to maximize the effectiveness of their current online sales funnels. The ideas and expertise Matt brings to arena have helped companies increase their online sales by 100%, 200% and even 300%.

Keith Baxter

Keith Baxter was on the internet before people even knew what WWW stood for. A veteran of online lead generation and one of the first people to do SEO, his knowledge is based on experience, not theory.

Keith is a veteran of the U.S. Airforce and served his country oversees. His military discipline means that things get done and done right. Nobody gets more annoyed when a meeting doesn’t start on time than Keith.

Keith is responsible for search engine marketing efforts, leading our team of dedicated SEOs. His creative strategies online means that your site will be ahead of your competitors in search. They’ll be constantly scrambling to keep up and by the time they copy you, Keith launches a brand new tactic to outpace them even more. His innovative thinking is the main reason Think Basis is able to keep pace with Google’s daily algorithm changes.

Dr. Steven Yen

Dr. Yen is a specialist in the art of developing compelling offers. He uses a mixture of buying psychology and statistical data to create rabid buyers for your business.

He’s adept at helping you identify the right market segments so you don’t waste marketing dollars going after prospects that will never buy your product. In short, he makes sure you don’t try to advertise your pork sandwich to a group of vegans.

When he’s not working, Steven divides his time between his family, church, and really great restaurants. His passion is marketing, his love is great food.

Alissa Dumitru

Alissa Dumitru has always had an affinity for the written word. Her anthropological degree has given her the ability to critically analyze a market segment and accurately target a tone and voice to effectively influence and persuade. That same understanding gives her the ability to connect online in a way which drives meaningful engagement through social media channels. Her Facebook campaigns and off-site internet promotions drive real leads in a medium often permeated by meaningless chatter and ineffectual self promotion.

Alissa excels at creating effective communication for any project in any industry, but has spent most of her career at the front-lines of the cosmetic surgery and health field, specializing in plastic surgery and dermatology. She’s written press releases, snappy ad copy and full 1000+ page websites. Seasoned in a variety of social media platforms, her flexibility and versatility enable her to direct the management of your online profiles with flair, personifying the client’s brand and reputation.

Alissa frequently ghostwrites articles on behalf of leading doctors and medispa owners because, after all, it’s not herself she’s trying to promote.

Gabriella Rapone

Gabriella Rapone specializes in email marketing and more importantly, making sure that you get eyeballs on your emails. She uses a mix of analysis, psychology and technology to analyze your email setup and fix your issues.

If your business is collecting emails and you’re having a hard time understand why they’re not being opened, or even making it to the Inbox, Gabby will fix it. We don’t like to brag about her but she’s never come across an email issue she wasn’t able to fix, or a strategy she couldn’t make more profitable.




Jay Gerring

Jay is a marketing strategist and proven project leader with over 25 years of experience working with a plethora of organizations, from tech industry startups and marketing consulting groups to Microsoft. He plans, designs, and executes effective online marketing strategies and services using a fresh approach.

With an extensive understanding of a variety of software platforms and internet technologies, Jay creates unique styles of online and social media marketing.


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