Gets 72 to 125 Surgical Consultation Bookings Per Month

While quite successful, this client was experiencing a downturn in business due to stagnant web properties and sluggish economic conditions. He was a leader in his field but his desirable and unique attributes were not being communicated to the target market. Frontline staff was experiencing resistance to the consultation fees and the cost of surgery.

The Solutions

We took over all marketing functions and implemented:

  • Rebranding Exercise
  • Complete website redesign
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content development and positioning
  • Social media marketing and management
  • PPC Campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • Direct mail marketing
  • Conversion optimization
  • Advertising design
  • Print Collateral
  • Consulting


The client was completely repositioned in the market and staff was trained on credentialing and positioning the practice and procedures.

The website was completely redesigned and repositioned with professional content that engages the visitor and connects on deep psychological levels. A new brand was created to allow for growth and expansion beyond a single physician business.

The Outcome

Frontline staff no longer experience any price resistance when booking consultations or surgeries. Incoming prospects no longer need to be ‘sold’ on the practice or procedures. The goal of marketing is to make sales irrelevant and that goal was achieved.

Daily surgical consult bookings have gone up to between 72 and 125 per month and current consultations are booked 8 months in advance with surgical dates experiencing the same level of pre-bookings and demand. The practice now has to scramble to find additional surgical time to cope with the incoming patient demand – unheard of before contacting us.

According to Allergan’s official numbers, injectable sales over last year are up by 83% for BOTOX® and 1,200% for JUVÉDERM®.

A new dedicated building was purchased and professionally designed as a medispa environment to house the practice’s transformation, new staff, and future growth. The practice also added a second physician to cope with the demand.

We have made the economy a non-issue and positioned this business to grow into a recession proof practice with the potential of ongoing and sustained growth.


“I recently attended a plastic surgery conference, and was perusing the various vendors that are present at such functions, when I was approached by a salesperson from a website development company.

He asked if I was happy with my website and I said I was. He pulled it up and commented it was quite nice. Then he asked about my SEO. After I told him it was doing well, he decided to check a number of keyword terms, and was impressed that I was well represented in both local and organic search, as well as Adwords. In fact, I was doing better than one of his own local clients.

He then asked if I had a social media presence, and I confirmed I did. He looked at my Facebook page and Twitter feed, and was duly impressed, commenting that many physicians don’t give it any attention.

He wanted to show me what was new and exclusive to his company. He started by showing me a way of obtaining reviews from patients. Ten seconds into his explanation, I explained to him how it worked. He was completely taken aback.

The vendor began quizzing me about who was doing my online marketing. He probed and tried to find weaknesses. He brushed off the idea that I could differentiate between what marketing was working and what wasn’t. I told him we had tracking numbers. He was completely dumbfounded. In fact, he stepped back and said: ‘The company you are working with is doing a great job, and I have nothing to offer you’. I have never seen a vendor back off like that.”

Dr Jerome Edelstein
Founder and Primary Plastic Surgeon at Edelstein Cosmetic

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