The #1 Nonsurgical Cosmetic Provider in Canada

Skin Vitality Medical Clinic is a nonsurgical medispa that was already very successful offline, primarily due to being very aggressive in print advertising. They operated 4 locations in the Greater Toronto Area and were looking to increase their growth online, as a result of a shift in consumer preferences for seeking services online rather than print, radio or television. At the time our contract began, Skin Vitality was the #4 provider of Botox in Canada according to Allergan.

The Solutions

We undertook a full optimization process that included:

  • Rebranding Exercise
  • Website code optimization
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content development and positioning
  • Social media marketing including PPC lead generation
  • PPC Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • Direct mail marketing
  • Consulting

The client wanted to keep the look and feel of the site. As a result, we examined the brand and target market, then crafted a planned content development strategy to reposition the company and gain search engine dominance for relevant nonsurgical key terms.

In addition to the online marketing and social media efforts, we implemented a direct mail marketing campaign to reactivate past and current clients.

The Outcome

After two years with us, Skin Vitality grew from 4 locations to 9 locations and is now the #1 Botox provider in Canada and #2 in the world, according to Allergan. They enjoy ongoing growth and success as well as ongoing leads generated by their website across all their locations.

The licensed direct mail campaign generated 712 calls with an average call duration of 5m 32s. Sales were in the multiple 6 figure mark.

Skin Vitality also became the #1 provider of CoolSculpting in Canada just 3 months after introducing the new technology into the clinics. They are also the #1 provider of Juvéderm in the country.

Eleanor Welsh, CEO and Founder of Skin Vitality Medical Clinic

“As a marketing machine, Nick is all about people development and building long lasting relationships AS WELL AS turning your business into a cash cow. Rarely do you find a company that produces sound marketing ideas consistently but also a company that genuinely cares about their clients.

As a business owner, there are never enough hours in the day. Many times you find yourself focusing on the Z priorities instead of the A’s because of your consultants or employees constantly needing your input. They take the business owner right out of the equation. They do all the thinking for you and make it as simple as 1,2, 3. They come up with all the marketing ideas, implement them, roll them out and put money in your bank just by hiring them. Does it get any better than that? The only question that is left unanswered is how do I spend all my money?

Working with Nick is like working with an Olympic-level coach when you’re a beginning athlete with incredible talent. He is exquisitely knowledgeable about both business AND behavior and uses that expertise to take your business to the next level in every area. This translates to a unique ability to combine marketing and business coaching in innovative ways that get excellent and stand-out-from-the-crowd results. Overall, it’s a VERY empowering experience!”

Eleanor Welsh
CEO and Founder of Skin Vitality Medical Clinic


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