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Your dental practice is failing, and you don't know why. You've helped patients get beautiful smiles and have a good reputation, but still your your competitors are doing so much better than you. Why?

Simply put, you're not marketing your practice right. But it's not your fault, because you weren't trained to do that. You were only trained to be a good dentist.


Nick Dumitru, the president of Think Basis, explains how to design your website and internet marketing for plastic surgeons, so you'll stands out and get the business you deserve.

Plastic Surgery Internet Marketing Is About More Than Design and Advertising

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."
Steve Jobs

Great websites are born of understanding.

When you know how your patients think, you know how to attract them.

At Think Basis we don't design websites. We don't create ads. We don't run social media campaigns.

We use an understanding of the psychology your patients use to make decisions.

We've listened to thousands of incoming calls from patients. We understand how they think. We know the words that get them to choose you.

If you're tired of wasting time and energy with you plastic surgeon internet marketing. If you're sick of your competitors blow past you in business and in life, take action.

Contact Think Basis today and get the process started.

When You Understand The Consumer, You Become Such A Great Fit That They Can't Help But Choose You

Think Basis uses a deep understanding to get results. Our decades of experience in  digital marketing drives everything.

When we build a website, it's built to attract your ideal client.

When we run ads, we focus on getting people to take action and book consultations.

There's no fluff.

No boot licking.

No wasted opportunities.

What you'll get is the ability to say yes.

Yes to a more rewarding practice.

Yes to higher sales and more money.

Yes to a future that you control.

As a boutique dental marketing firm, we'll help you become the leader in your area with the following services:

Psychology Focused Web Design

Get a customized website design that caters to users and sets your visitor on the cosmetic dentistry buying path.

Results Driven Web Development

Turn your website into a results-driven conversion machine. Speed issues and technical problems will seem like a long forgotten bad dream.

Persuasive Writing and Web Copy

Get the right voice for your practice with dental digital marketing copy that sells.

High Converting Ads

Drive patients to your practice with compelling ads on Google® and Facebook™

Consistent Social Media

Help improve your brand awareness and expand your customer base with a friendly and consistent social media presence.


Get in touch now to talk about how we can help you bring more customers into your business though proven business development strategies.


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