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How To Identify What’s Working And What Isn’t – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #1

by nick • May 23, 2018

Nick Dumitru Understand and trust comes from authority and authority and expertise is what gets people to trust you. And it’s not the actual expertise. You could be a great physician. But if that’s not well communicated, it becomes completely irrelevant. Practice Perfect: Actionable business information to take your medical practice to the next level. […]

How To Create A Brand When You Can’t Afford Branding – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #2

by nick • May 23, 2018

“Your brand isn’t the foundation of your business. Your business is the foundation of your brand.”

How To Create A Great Patient Experience – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #3

by nick • May 23, 2018

“You have to have the mindset that you need to win the business out of the market. You don’t deserve the business. You have to take it. You have to win it. You have to be better than the competition.”

How To Design A Winning Cosmetic Surgery Website – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #4

by nick • May 23, 2018

“”The more you tell the more you sell and that’s what you should be thinking about. And that’s true for any industry that you’re in. The more you tell the more you sell.”

How To Handle Incoming Phone Calls – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #5

by nick • May 23, 2018

“Staff at medical practices feel that their job is to inform the patient, inform the caller, how well you do at informing the customer, is not going to translate to sales, because their number one job is to get the booking. Nothing else really matters on incoming calls.”

How to Get Buyers to Take Action Now – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #6

by Alan • June 22, 2018

“The amygdala is pure survival instinct and you can leverage this instinct to get people to take action in your practice and to increase your overall sales in an ethical manner. But in a way that gets people to take the action that they want to take, that, they should take but have not had a reason to take.”

How to Keep Patients Coming Back To Your Practice – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #7

by Alan • July 2, 2018

“If you can take care of this seemingly very boring topic, it can exponentially increase the growth of your business. And that stability, and that free money that keeps coming back will let you advertise more aggressively and put your competitors where they belong which is in your rear view mirror.”

How to Fight Large Competitors with Large Budgets Using Digital Marketing – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #8

by Alan • July 25, 2018

“That’s the biggest problem I see facing professional practices. They do not stand out at all. Worse, they don’t understand the principles to stand out.”

How To Create KPI Dashboards That Motivate Staff And Drive Results – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #9

by Alan • August 18, 2018

“For me, KPI is almost like a shortcut to get inside your business performance. So when you look at the metrics of customer acquisition costs, so you look on conversion rate except just the number that you see and your result in terms of conversion go up, in terms of acquisitions goes down, there is a lot more to that. It represents an entire aspect of your business.”

How Your Social Media Is Holding You Back – Practice Perfect Podcast Episode #10

by Alissa • November 11, 2019

When you are engaging in social media, when you are taking selfies, putting out videos, and relying on that for business, the control is 100% out of your hands. If Facebook goes under or the government decides to shut them down or break them up, whatever, anything can happen, your business can tank.